The first thing people always ask me is, “Were you born on a Tuesday?” The answer is no. I was born on a Monday and named after my dad’s payday. Honest to God. I couldn’t make that up if I tried.
The second thing people ask is, “How did you get into bridal?” I always answer, “By accident.”
There’s no way I could have planned the trajectory my life has taken over the last nine years. After rejecting a career as an attorney, and being ousted from a startup, I was desperate for a low stress job that made me happy.
Well, I found the happy part.
My life as a stylist started off rocky, but I found my legs and fell in love with bridal fashion. I immersed myself in every facet of the industry that I could. Since those first days on the sales floor, I’ve had roles in management, marketing, buying, consulting, and more. I’ve had the pleasure or working both the retail and manufacturer sides of the industry. I’ve traveled across the country and over the Atlantic in search of the perfect dress. When I say I LOVE the bridal fashion industry, I mean it.
Currently I’m back in startup mode. Cultivating my vast expertise, I’m launching a styling and concierge service for brides. I’ll help them power through their wedding checklists and love their wedding day look.
And when I’m not immersed in lace in tulle? I’m probably enjoying brunch with my hubby and dog (I’m a big fan of breakfast) or I’m out with friends having cocktails and conversation. You might even catch me daydreaming over a dry cappuccino at a local coffee shop. For all the behind the scenes, follow me on Instagram: @fromtuesday.
Best wedding wishes,



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